I’m Visiting the @Totally_Bound Blog Championing the Sports Romance Genre

It’s my day again on the Totally Bound Blog. This month I decided to post about the sports romance genre and what type of heroes a reader might meet in this type of story.

There’s also an excerpt from book 3 in my League of Love series, Laura’s Light

player-matt-cooperOh and some kick ass photos too 😉



Blogging @Totally_Bound. What Happens in Langkawi Doesn’t Stay in Langkawi! @donnag63

My debut post on the Totally Bound Publishing blog is live. I talk about a little incident that happened to my husband when we were on holiday in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Here’s a snippet to pique your curiosity and yes it does involve a monkey!

“So, embarrassed and having lost his battle, hubby withdraws quickly into the room and slams the door shut. Now I must admit there is a video but I’m not showing you. It’s bad enough that hubby knows this incident will more than likely make it into one of my books.”