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Riley, from Cassie’s Choice, was interviewed over at Tori Carson’s blog. My characters love doing their own interviews but some how it always ends up causing trouble between my alphas, each one thinking they are more interesting and popular than the other. Thank goodness my heroines are better behaved 😉

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Tori Carson is On the Bench – Author Interview and Excerpt.

Today I welcome fellow Totally Bound author Tori Carson to On the Bench. Tori will be showcasing her new Desired Discipline series and has an excerpt from Bondage Wedding, guess I don’t have to tell you this is a BDSM series 😉

Tori lives a romance story every day of her life. She and her husband were high school sweethearts. Told by friends and family alike their relationship would never last,they were determined to prove that true love can stand the test of time. Thirty years later, their marriage is stronger than ever. Her handsome hubby is all things to her—lover, confidant, and most of all, her best friend. If there is one thing that Tori knows about it is everlasting love. And they always say to write what you know.

bondagewedding_800 (2)Well aware of her weakness, Amanda is determined to avoid bad boys. In her blog, Confessions of a Virgin Sex Addict, she encourages women to deny their baser instincts for a man with a gentle, artistic spirit.

No one suspects her secret life as the receptionist at the BDSM club, DiscipliNation.  It’s the perfect gig, friendly people, cushy hours, and enough pay to put her through school. All she has to do is pretend she is part of the lifestyle.

James, a professional bodyguard, has secretly admired Amanda for months. Night after night, he visits DiscipliNation, in hopes she will leave her receptionist desk and to play in the great hall.  When a stalker threatens to murder her, he offers to step in as Amanda’s protector, and in turn uncovers her secret life.

She isn’t the innocent little subbie. In her own words, she has used anyone and everyone to get what she wants. Is this stalker just a figment of her imagination?

Thrust together, they both must fight their bodily desires. Being near James twenty-four hours a day is an unbearable temptation. James knows he can protect Amanda from an attacker, but can he protect her from himself?


James faltered as he walked into the security office and saw Amanda, the dark-haired, blue-eyed temptress who had haunted his dreams for the last three months, with tears streaming down her face. As the receptionist for the kink club, DiscipliNation, Amanda was the primary reason he spent his evenings off wandering around the great hall. It was pathetic and it made him feel like a damned fool, since she barely gave him the time of day. Not that he expected anything else from a collared submissive.

“André,” James greeted the owner of DiscipliNation and nodded to Amanda. It was bad form to speak to another Dom’s sub without their permission. Though he had virtually stalked Amanda for months now, he had no idea whose collar she wore. Ashamed to be fixated with a taken submissive, he didn’t allow himself to investigate her. Except for little tidbits of gossip, he knew nothing of her past. Instead, he spent every available minute of his time in her proximity.

“James, thank you for coming. We’ve got a situation here and we need your help.” The gentlemen shook hands and André waved James to a chair beside Amanda.

The office was small, not much wider than a hallway. Amanda was sitting with her back to a bank of video screens documenting the activity both inside and on the grounds of the club. Tonight, DiscipliNation was hosting a special public event. To keep security manageable, the privacy rooms were closed, thus the screens for those cameras were turned off.

As James sat down, he caught a whiff of Amanda’s perfume. It was hard to describe. Without meaning to, he leaned closer, inhaling the elusive, but alluring scent. Damn it. He didn’t need another reason to be obsessed with her.

“Someone’s threatening Amanda and using the club’s closed circuit video system to do it. Show him the latest picture.” André pulled James’ thoughts back to the business at hand.

His protective instincts went into hyper-drive. He’d been a bodyguard long enough to know he needed to stay detached, yet with Amanda that wasn’t going to be easy. She had the girl-next-door look in spades. Her body had delicious curves that sent his imagination working overtime. But her innocent, pixie face made him feel world-weary. Though they were only a few years apart, he felt like a dirty old man. He would gladly protect her from any threat, but how would he protect her from himself?

Amanda scooted the envelope and the eight-by-ten color photo she’d received that afternoon toward James. The picture had been taken outside the club’s main building in an area that had been set up for fire-play. It was obvious the photo had been tampered with. Amanda’s face had been superimposed over another woman’s body. The picture was artistic in nature—red and orange flames contrasted against the grey smoke and black night. It was clear this frame of the video had been chosen with care. Why?

As many times as he’d visited the club, he’d never spotted Amanda in a play area. It looked to him like she never ventured beyond her desk in the lobby area. He knew that couldn’t be true. Why would anyone work at a kink club and not at least occasionally enjoy the benefits the facility had to offer?

James took a closer look at the photo. While he wasn’t into fire-play, he understood the scene wasn’t one of violence. However, the words ‘Roast Bitch’ written across the photo in red marker left little to the imagination. He doubted there would be any evidence to be garnered by the photo or envelope, but he was careful not to touch them anyway. Using the eraser head of a pencil, James removed the picture from the envelope. He noticed it was addressed to ‘DiscipliNation, Attention: Amanda’. “Is this the way most mail comes addressed?”

“No, some of the suppliers use my name if we’ve been working on something special, but normally mail is sent in the club’s name only,” Amanda explained.

“You said this was the latest threat, what else has happened?” And why the hell wasn’t I notified after the first one? Bringing it up at this point would only muddle the issue, but he did intend to make damn sure he was aware of each development from here on out.

“First, I received an email. It wasn’t such a blatant threat.” She shook her head. “I thought maybe it was a joke or something, so I didn’t tell anyone.”

“Bring it up on the laptop. He needs to see it.” André pointed to his computer lying at the end of the counter.

Amanda pulled it onto her lap and brought up her email. The image showed her face superimposed onto another woman’s body. The woman was tied to post and receiving a whipping. Across the bottom was written ‘Let’s Party, Bitch’.

“It was sent by a Master X. Do you know anyone who goes by that name? It sounds a little melodramatic.”

Amanda gave him a tenuous smile then shook her head. André confirmed what James had assumed. “We don’t have any members who use that name.”

“What else has happened?” He knew there was more. Amanda looked like hell. She had dark circles under her eyes and her hands had trembled as she’d logged into the computer. This had been bothering her for a while. James looked at the date on the message. She’d received it over a week ago.

images Tori Carson is On the Bench

 bondageanniversary_2 (1)What was the first book you had published?

My first book was Bondage Anniversary. It came out back in January.

What was your initial reaction when offered that first contract?

Oh my goodness! I was dancing around the house like a crazy fool.

Of the books you have written is there one that holds a special place in your heart and why?

My favourite so far has to be Bondage Wedding. The lead characters, James and Amanda, were insistent their story be told. They invaded my dreams, my showers, even a day trip I took with my family. They still tease me about it.

Are you a disciplined writer or do you have to wait for the muse to arrive? Do you have a ritual that gets you in the mood?

I write every day, probably ten hours or more. After I get my husband off to work, I sit down and get busy. If anything is going to get done, I have to have a Diet Pepsi within reach and my son’s dog, Duncan lying across my feet keeping them warm.

What was the last book you read?

The last book I read was Erik Clarke’s book Night. I didn’t get any writing done that day. I couldn’t put it down.

What are you working on now?

Right now, I’m working on the fifth book in the Desired Discipline series, Bondage Unlimited. André and Adriana are giving James and Amanda a run for their money in the most talkative character race. They too are constantly talking to me. Not that I’m complaining. I love it! They’re great.

What genre would you like to try and write that is different from your own?

I have a suspenseful romance bouncing around in my head. The lead character is on the run from a drug cartel. Once the Desired Discipline series comes to an end, I’d like to give that story a shot.

When you receive edits are you Teary and Disillusioned or Feisty and Focussed?

I’m both. First feisty and focussed, then my resolve usually turns into tears. My husband is always there beside me though, cheering me on. It’s hard to stay down for long when I have him supporting my efforts.

What is one thing in your books you’d like to try?

James and Amanda adore mid-century modern architecture. Their dream is to buy and restore homes to their previous grandeur. I’d love to do something like that.





Now for some hard hitters with an Aussie flavour!

A sport /sportsperson that you watch? (C’mon there must be one) OR An embarrassing sporting memory.

I’m a baseball fan. The Diamondbacks are the hometown favourites. Basketball is good too. I’ll always root for the Phoenix Suns. Jerry Colangelo was the original owner of both. I admire his vision and persistence in bringing the teams to Arizona.

Favourite Aussie Author/Actor /Musician?

I’m going to take a trip on the way back machine and go with Errol Flynn. He was the perfect leading man. His ready smile and little lock of hair dangling down just do it for me.

Your view on Vegemite?

I hate to admit this, but I’ve never tried it.

Formal dinner party or backyard barbeque?

Definitely a backyard barbeque! I’ll take a lawn chair, Diet Pepsi, and good friends over stuffy formality any day.

Adventure holiday or relaxing by the pool?

An adventure holiday for me, please. I love to hike and explore. Living on the edge of the Tonto National Forest, we are constantly hitting the trails.

Favourite Aussie holiday place or one you’ve always wanted to visit?

If I ever had the pleasure of visiting Australia, I’d have to check out Tasmania. I understand the mountains and lagoons are spectacular.

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