Pippa’s Fantasy

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He was her childhood crush, her fantasy man. Pippa had spent much of her teenage years surrounded by players from the Sydney Jets rugby league team, the fit and muscular bodies that made up the team her father coached an ever present part of her formative years.

But he was the only one of that group of high profiled men that had ever caught her interest. The moment Pippa had first set eyes on the handsome future star he had owned her heart. Mitchell-the rookie-Harris had sauntered into her life and nothing had ever been the same again.

The problem for Pippa becomes twofold, there is the moral dilemma that as she is signing on as physiotherapists for the Jets team in a few days she is fully aware of the ‘No Fraternisation’ rule but then there is the reality that her heartthrob of so many years and dreams has no clue who she is, has no recollection of her as the young girl he crushed years before by refusing her naive advances. This could be her only chance to finally get Rook out of her system once and for all.

What’s a girl to do when her fantasy is within reach? Read excerpt.

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Excerpt – 18+

Pippa loved being in the spa, wrapped in Rook’s arms. Being able to stroke his legs and feel all that masculine power beneath her fingertips made her pussy clench in neediness again. When Rook began nibbling on her ear and neck, she couldn’t contain the moan that spilled from her. She lifted her mouth to his and licked at his bottom lip, begging for entry. Rook quickly granted her leave to explore his mouth, doing the same to hers in return.

Rook’s kisses were intoxicating. Pippa had been kissed but never so thoroughly that she lost her grip on reality. She let her mind drift and just enjoyed the feel of his tongue as it plundered and consumed her mouth. She was in heaven. She didn’t know how long they had been kissing for—it could have been minutes, hours or days—but she felt the loss when Rook pulled away.

“Kneel up and lean over the edge of the spa, princess. I need you again. Oh, babe, I need to feel my cock buried deep inside you. Are you wet for me, as ready for me as I am for you? I can’t get enough of you.”

Rook’s words were rough, almost a demand, but the look in his eyes was so desperate that Pippa felt cream coat her inner folds. She could not deny him. She wanted him, had always wanted him.

He entered her in one movement. His length filled her so completely as he thrust into her again and again. His body surrounded her, his hands on either side of her, gripping the side of the spa to give him support as he took her, ramming himself into her over and over. She clenched, pushing back on him, feeling his balls slap against her. It was lustful. Powerful. Primitive. It did not take long before another tidal wave of pleasure began to build, an uncontrollable peak her body careened helplessly towards. She did not want it to stop.

Crying out—“More!” and “Harder!”—Pippa was finding it difficult to hold her body up under the onslaught of his passion. She clung to the side of the spa as her breasts bounced over the edge, the sensitive undersides of her bosom dropping onto the coldness of the bath’s tiles, the shock of that chilly sensation in complete contrast to the rest of her body’s fierce heat, causing her nipples to tighten even more. Sensations surrounded her, owning her.

Finally, as Pippa forced her body down and Rook thrust his up, her orgasm exploded. It felt as if the Sydney Harbour’s New Year’s fireworks display had been released inside her head. Pippa shuddered and screamed Rook’s name as she trembled. Tremors of pure pleasure arced and raced throughout every nerve ending of her sated being, immersing her in a sensation so sweet, so delicious that she wanted to prolong the sensation—maybe forever.

Rook tugged her back down onto him, immersed them back into the warmth of the water. The bubble of the jets, as they came to life once again, massaged her limp body. Heaven could only wish to be this wonderful.

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