A Fruitful Intimacy

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The fire and passion of their love has slowly ebbed away through years of neglect. Can a second honeymoon re-ignite that spark?

There was no physical contact in their marriage for so long that when Ben first hatches his plan to take Beth away for the weekend it really is all about the sex and providing an environment where there are no distractions, and no excuse for her to refuse his advances again. But while Ben is making all the arrangements it suddenly becomes clear to him that there’s something more important at stake—his marriage, to the woman of his dreams, is actually in trouble.

Beth believed that motherhood would come easy, that building a perfect world around her three sons and husband would be achievable. But reality has proven her wrong. The more she tried the bigger her failures shattered her confidence. Where she planned to shower her family with home baked cookies, smiles and unconditional love—she struggles just getting the evening meal on the table. By the end of the day she’s so exhausted that she can’t even fulfil her marital obligations. Once upon a time making love to Ben was just as necessary as breathing, before her body was ravaged by the demands of pregnancy and childbirth. They’ve grown so far apart that Beth’s convinced Ben’s having an affair.

Can a second honeymoon really help Beth and Ben bridge that growing divide between them and bring back the fire and passion that has slowly, through years of neglect, ebbed away? And will this give the couple a much needed chance to work together for a happier future? Or is it too late? Read excerpt.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

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Excerpt 18+

Relaxing in a bath was supposed to be relaxing. Beth found being idle, even for short periods, meant she had time to think, to worry about her life. All the things she hadn’t yet achieved. Tasks not fulfilled. Time to dissect all the ways she had failed to make this place a perfect house and home. The emotional damage she had caused her sons, by her latest outburst, only added to her worries. The notion Ben could be having an affair yet another addition for her long list. The phone call he had taken earlier and the ones in the days prior really had her doubting him for the first time in their relationship.

Even the mango scented bath soap Beth usually saved for special moments didn’t help her mood. The beautiful, sensual memories the fragrance usually generated, reminding her of the way Ben had once used the cool soft flesh and juice of a mango to send her senses skyrocketing, didn’t surface. Her body soaring from the pleasurable orgasm that ensued was now tainted by her concerns over his fidelity.

It had been a standout moment of all their couplings, an all-time favorite. Intimate, naughty and so unexpected. It had become a bit of a regular joke between them. Beth always made such a mess eating a mango. Ben often teased her about how incredibly erotic it was watching the way she sucked on the fleshy goodness of the fruit, the way the juice got away from her. So, on their honeymoon when he jokingly suggested she eat her mango in the bathtub so as not to spill juice on her clothes. Beth had decided the idea had its merits.

Naked, Beth climbed into the tub, playing up the moment for all she was worth. She lifted a piece of fruit in her hand, bringing it to her lips, sucking the sweet treat in and out of her mouth seductively. Her cheeks hollowing with the motion as she not so innocently simulated the mechanics of oral sex. Back and forth she drew the slice of mango as the juice dripped down her lips, trailed from her chin, and spilled onto her breasts, just as she’d intended.

She’d watched the look on his face, the way his gaze never faltered from her direction as if mesmerized by her every action. Nostrils flaring with eyes that showed such a hunger for her had caused her skin to break out in a wave of goose bumps. Finally, obviously not being able to contain his desire any longer, Ben had stripped out of his clothes and climbed into the tub with her.

The sight of Ben naked had been enough to send Beth’s desires soaring at the best of times, but the intensity, the pure unadulterated lust she’d discovered in his eyes at that moment, had awakened another side of her. They had made love numerous times, but this particular moment remained different for both of them. A wilder more desperate, near animalistic urge to mate overwhelmed them. An emotion Beth felt they had never achieved again—especially not since the birthing of her beautiful boys.

Unfortunately memories could not stave off reality. She and Ben had grown apart. The thought had tears welling in her eyes, again. Stroking her own hands over her skin, she tried to emulate the feel of Ben’s on her body. Pretending she could feel the heat from his touch as he caressed her. She slipped her hand down toward her sex, spreading open her labia as she felt for her clitoris, all the while imagining it was Ben’s fingers touching her so intimately.

Massaging her sensitive nub, she brought forward an image of her husband naked, head between her legs. Beth could almost feel the hot breath from his lips blowing gently on her clit, just as he had so many times before as foreplay to their love-making—

“Beth can I come in, I’ve bought you some chamomile tea, thought it might help you relax.”

The sound of Ben’s voice not only made Beth jump, spilling water over the edge of the tub, but also made her cheeks burn with embarrassment. Oh my God, he nearly caught me masturbating. Not that this was something new, Beth had pleasured herself before, but normally as Ben watched, encouraging her. He had loved seeing her bring herself to orgasm. This would have been entirely different. She wasn’t trying to turn Ben on, her actions not an erotic form of foreplay. No this time was all about self-gratification. Totally selfish considering she had spurned any of his advances lately. So much so he had eventually stopped trying.

She didn’t deserve any gratification, how could she reward herself when she was failing at everything she tried.

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