Cover Reveal: A Fruitful Intimacy gets a Makeover for the Sexy Snax Line @Totally_Bound

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I’m very pleased to announce that my novella A Fruitful Intimacy has been given a facelift, tummy tuck and a new home at Totally Bound Publishing.

Originally included in an anthology that is no longer available. I was thrilled when Totally Bound offered to publish my contemporary erotic romance in their Sexy Snax line, with a beautiful new cover and a little extra in the storyline. How good is the name Sexy Snax for a novella or short stories…I love it!
And readers know that when they purchase from this line at Totally Bound Publishing that’s exactly what they are getting – a quick and tasty little erotic story. I like to think of these books as a good way to cleanse that reading palate between full length novels 😉


afruitfulintimacy_800The fire and passion of their love has slowly ebbed away through years of neglect. Can a second honeymoon re-ignite that spark?

There was no physical contact in their marriage for so long that when Ben first hatches his plan to take Beth away for the weekend it really is all about the sex and providing an environment where there are no distractions, and no excuse for her to refuse his advances again. But while Ben is making all the arrangements it suddenly becomes clear to him that there’s something more important at stake—his marriage, to the woman of his dreams, is actually in trouble.

Beth believed that motherhood would come easy, that building a perfect world around her three sons and husband would be achievable. But reality has proven her wrong. The more she tried the bigger her failures shattered her confidence. Where she planned to shower her family with home baked cookies, smiles and unconditional love—she struggles just getting the evening meal on the table. By the end of the day she’s so exhausted that she can’t even fulfil her marital obligations. Once upon a time making love to Ben was just as necessary as breathing, before her body was ravaged by the demands of pregnancy and childbirth. They’ve grown so far apart that Beth’s convinced Ben’s having an affair.

Can a second honeymoon really help Beth and Ben bridge that growing divide between them and bring back the fire and passion that has slowly, through years of neglect, ebbed away? And will this give the couple a much needed chance to work together for a happier future? Or is it too late?


Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.


Release Dates –
Pre-order: 31st October 2014
Early download: 14th November 2014
General release: 12th December 2014



Here is an excerpt and I’m just wondering…how many of you can relate to how Beth is feeling?


What about the warm dishwater had Beth reminiscing about her honeymoon? There was nothing romantic about doing the dishes. After ten years of marriage and bringing three kids into the world, she had cleaned up more times than she could count. Could just the feel of the warm water on her skin be enough to bring about those memories of better times? Swimming, relaxing, or making love were their only concerns back on that romantic, idyllic island. Whatever the reason remembering how things used to be, did nothing to improve her mood. Those days, when romance and sex had been a wonderful feature of her marriage to Ben, were long gone.

Once upon a time they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Ben had taught Beth all there was to know about sex. Sensual, needy, hot and heavy, together they had explored most of the positions listed in the Kama Sutra. Marking them off one by one as they groped, stroked, licked or sucked over every inch of each other’s naked flesh. These days she was lucky to get a kiss on the cheek as Ben raced out the door on his way to work. More disturbingly, Beth found this new development a relief.

Not that she could blame Ben for his lack of motivation. Beth didn’t need to look in the mirror to confirm she had let herself go. Those bikini-wearing days, like back on her honeymoon, were a long way in the past. Her once flat tummy, now flabby, covered in stretch marks. Her hair, her pride and joy back in the day, treated with regular hair dressing appointments and top priced conditioning treatments now lucky to get a quick brush before being drawn back into a ponytail. A top and shorts or sweatpants, paired with a floppy jumper, her choice of clothing these days, depending on the weather. She had little time to do much more, always something else needing her attention more urgently.

Ben, on the contrary, looked just as good as he did when Beth first met him eleven years ago. In fact, he looked even better in her opinion. He had filled out over the years, but where her body had turned to flab, Ben had muscled up. The laugh lines now gracing his face highlighted his sea-blue coloured eyes, while her wrinkles just illuminated the dark circles underneath hers.

Enough with the maudlin thoughts Beth, she chastised herself as she slapped the last dish into the rack. Pulling the plug from the sink, she watched the water swirl around the drain hole, listening to the gurgling sound it made disappearing from her sight.

Bit like the passion in my marriage. Once a powerful, whirlpool of emotion, now ebbed away to just a trickle of water going down the drain of life, the momentum almost at a standstill…Look at me, such a poet when it comes to describing my happy life. She sighed sadly to herself before stepping away from the sink and drying her hands on the dishtowel

“Well time to wash the clothes, make the beds. Clean the bathrooms. Yes, just another exciting day in the life of Beth Russell.” Her voice echoed back at her, bouncing around the empty room, as she went about her daily ritual. She knew she had no time to spare grumbling because before she knew it the day would be over and the time to collect her children from school would arrive. Trying to achieve anything with her beautiful but rambunctious boys around would be pointless.


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