Australia Day Blog Hop – Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi! #OzRomance

You knew I would blog about sport…right?


We are a nation with a history of tremendous sporting achievements, despite Australia’s comparatively smaller population to that of our competitors. Aussies love to compete and we love to win. We are a sporting nation and for those of you Aussies reading this that may be rolling your eyes in disagreement can you really deny that feeling of national pride when you hear our anthem being played in an Olympic arena? Don’t you ever feel the urge to enter the office sweepstake on that first Tuesday in November for the race that stops a nation? You may not all love sport with the same passion I do but I’m sure there are times when sport has been a topic of conversation around the dining room table, bringing the family closer or in my case causing hours of great debate.


So I thought I’d use my blog day to talk about a few of Australia’s sporting traditions. Let’s start with the Boxing Day Cricket Test at the MCG, it would be remiss of me if I failed to mention at this point that Australia won the latest series in a spectacular 5-0 whitewash – Got to love beating the English! The modern era for this event dates back to the 1974/5 Ashes against England  but cricket tests have been played on this day since the 1950’s.

imagesI3KVOG2MWhat about the spectacular sight of the Yachts as they leave Sydney Harbour for the annual Sydney to Hobart Race or maybe the Great Ferry Race held on Australia Day is more to your liking? It always reminds me how lucky I am to live in a city with such a picturesque harbour.



I’m thinking that perhaps The Melbourne Cup, dating back to 1861, is the most well-known of all our sporting traditions. You must have seen the movie Phar Lap at some point or maybe had a peek at his unusually large heart, displayed at the National Museum of Australia? I shudder to think how many hats are purchased to wear on this day alone! All these days do have one thing in common, we as a nation join in to celebrate the occasion. I guess if there is one thing Aussies love more than sport it’s a good party.

Even some of our most famous Aussie artists knew the importance of sport in the Australian culture. Arthur Streeton painted an Australian football match set in Melbourne. S.T. Gill depicted a boxing contest on the Victorian goldfields, and there is  Russell Drysdale’s painting of ‘The Cricketers’ which always makes me think of the family cricket games held in our backyard. Our playwrights have also got in on the act, David Williamson wrote The Club, a classic play based on the Collingwood Football Club. I live a stones through from Homebush Olympic Park the site of the 2000 Olympic Games and home to my beloved rugby leagues major games. I love watching footy, the more games the better. Throw in the State of Origins, Test matches and World Cup games – we are the cup holders again, and my winter is pretty full of sport.

So it’s not surprising my League of Love series is jammed packed full of sexy footy players and the women they fall in love with. The latest in my series Cassie’s Choice releases next week but is available for early download at my publisher Totally Bound. Leave a comment if my series interests you for a chance to win an eBook of Cassie’s Choice.


One night of regret and a simple lack of communication lead to two miserable years apart. What will happen when the two broken-hearted are forced to reunite? One night has haunted Cassie for over two years. After agreeing to something she didn’t feel sure about, all for the sake of a man—or more correctly, her fear of losing him, she is still consumed with thoughts of her past. Although a few years younger than her Riley Walters was all man, in and out of the bedroom. So much so that Cassie believed he would tire of her sexual inexperience quickly. For him she was just a bit of fun—he never said anything to her to make her doubt that assumption. The reason she put herself in such an uncomfortable situation in the first place – to keep him happy. Of course it didn’t help. Riley disappeared from her life and never had anything to do with her again. Now he’s back, part of her social circle, leaving Cassie to find a way to deal with the attraction she still feels for him even after two years of trying to convince herself otherwise. Riley was horrified at how much rage he felt that night. Memories of a trauma from childhood quickly surfaced – He was terrified that he was becoming a monster, just like the man from his memory. Cassandra Davies filled his mind, his every thought, his obsession. Now he’s been offered a position at the Jets Rugby League Club, and an opportunity to work alongside the people he called family, which is something he’d always dreamed of—but how will he survive being around Cassie if he can’t drag her into his arms and back to his bed and never let her leave.

I borrowed this list of our current World Champions  from the Australian Institute of Sport, just to prove how great we are 😉

Sport                       Discipline                              Event                                           Athlete/Team                              Date

Cricket                    Test – Men                             Ashes                                           Australian cricket team          Dec-13

Surfing                     Men                                       ASP World Tour                         Mick Fanning                           Dec-13

Rugby League         Men                                       World Cup                                   Kangaroos                             Dec-13

Triathalon               Ironman – Women                Hawaii                                         Mirinda Carfrae                     Oct-13

Rowing                   Single Scull Women              World Championships               Kim Crow                               Sep-13

Sailing                    470  Men                                World Championships                Matthew Belcher, Will Ryan  Aug-13

Swimming             100m Breaststroke Men       World Championships                Christian Sprenger                 Aug-13

Swimming             100m Freestyle Women       World Championships                Cate Campbell                       Aug-13

Swimming             100m Freestyle Men             World Championships                 James Magnussen                  Jul-13

BMX                      Women                                   World Championships                Caroline Buchanan                Jul-13

Taekwondo          Lightweight  Women            World Championships                Carmen Marton                     Jul-13

Golf                      Men                                         US Masters                                   Adam Scott                            Apr-13

Cricket                 One Day  Women                  World Cup                                    Southern Stars                       Feb-13

Cycling                Track Team Pursuit Men       World Championships                 Edmonson, Hepburn,

                                                                                                                                     Morgan, O’Shea                      Feb -13

Snowboard        Snowboard Cross                    World Championships                  Alex Pullin                               Jan-13

Tennis                Mixed Doubles                        Australian Open                            Gajdosova, Ebden                   Jan-13

Lawn Bowls      Taylor Trophy                          World Championships                   Men’s team                             Dec-12

Lawn Bowls     Leonard Trophy                       World Championships                   Women’s team                        Dec-12

Cricket             Twenty20 Women                   World Championships                   Southern Stars                        Oct-12


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January 12 J’aimee Brooker
January 13 Victoria Purman
January 14 Ann B Harrison
January 15 Cate Ellink and Demelza Carlton
January 16 Jenny Schwartz
January 17 Donna Gallagher
January 18 Lily Malone
January 19 Tea Cooper
January 20 Fiona McArthur
January 21 Max Henry
January 22 Jennie Jones
January 23 Alison Stuart
January 24 Eve Rabi
January 25 Kendall Talbot
January 26 Annie Seaton-Prize draw

11 thoughts on “Australia Day Blog Hop – Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi! #OzRomance

  1. Woo hoo Donna I too am a big sports fan I love my footy and cricket and the pride that goes with the Olympic games makes myheart sing 🙂 and iI also love your footy heroes and their ladies I am looking forward to Australia Day this year as I have a 4 day weekend which means rest bbqs and watching sport

    Have fun

  2. Lol! Donna your books are fabulous reads and it always makes me smile when I see you chatting about football. ❤ (I know it's your favourite sport!!)

    Keep it up 🙂

  3. Dear Donna, I’m not a sporting person yet I’m surrounded by a history of Cricket players in my family! My ex was a huge AFL supporter so learnt to enjoy the game but still my love remains with V8 racing! I love watching my girlfriend who just can’t be disturbed during any sporting season…phones off etc and I Know how passionate you have always been about footy! I think you are wonderful and your books reflect that love of the sport and maybe just a little about falling in love!! Now that is a universal sport!

    • Wow! Thank you Lyn.
      Maybe I should hire you to do promotions for me or perhaps I could ‘borrow’ that last line. It’s really good 🙂

  4. Hi Donna
    Loved the blog … Not much of a sports fan but my DH watches any sport as long as it is cars going round in circles lol … Love your books

    • Thanks Barbara 🙂
      I have been known to watch a few hours of cars going round and round on the odd occasion – okay I admit quite regularly…V8’s are awesome!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Juliee. I will be announcing the winner of the Cassie’s Choice eBook on 26th January – which is of course Australia Day 🙂

  6. The winner of the Australia Blog Hop has been announced – The $100 dollar gift voucher was won by AJ. The winner of my competition, a copy of Cassie’s Choice is Juliee Fitze 🙂
    Thank you to everyone that left a comment I hope you all had a wonderful Australia Day.

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