Lily Harlem and her boys from Hot Ice Visit – Where’s that Mistletoe When You Need It?

Christmas has come early for me, my next guest Lily Harlem has bought an entourage with her and let me say I could not be happier. Yummy sports heroes for me to play with. If I could just get Phoenix to step on over here under the mistletoe life would be perfect.mistletoe

When it comes to hockey I am definitely a Vipers fan 😉 I love this series. I read Hired first and then just inhaled the rest.

Lily has also offered to give away 3 copies of Hired – just leave an email address in the comments section for a chance to win. Winning a free book would start the New Year off nicely!

So without further ado let me welcome Lily Harlem and her sexy Vipers!

Donna, wow, thank you so much for hosting me on your lovely blog. And to be here at this festive time of year with fairy lights and tinsel, mulled wine and mince pies is really awesome. Thank you so much for inviting me to join in the fun… ah… but is that because you knew I’d bring sporting hunks to the party? I know how partial you are to a sexy athlete with rippling muscles and a determination to be the best of the best whether he’s on a pitch or in bed!

Mmm, my poison is your poison so let’s put up some mistletoe, pucker up and get the party started. Allow me to introduce you all to my plus one’s. Whoops, should I say plus 7! We have, dressed in their Christmas jumpers, Phoenix, Brick, Ramrod, Todd, Raven, Matthew, and Speed. Yes, I know, they’re nicknames, but it’s what they call each other on the ice. These guys make up the fictional hockey team The Vipers who are the stars of my Hot Ice series published by Ellora’s Cave.images copy

I love writing about my bad boys and the women who tame them. There is just something so rough and tough about these guys when they’re out there doing their stuff, yet when the fall in love, when someone catches their eye, then that’s it, the fall hard and fast and don’t let anything or anyone get in their way.

hired_msr copycrosschecked_msrHot Ice wasn’t originally going to be a series. The first book Hired came about because I had this wonderful scene in my head of a couple on a beautiful island having a wild and sexy time. But there was a secret beneath the surface of their idyllic holiday – she’d been paid to be there, but not by him!

I’d been enjoying a sporting romance previously so I decided to make Logan ‘Phoenix’ Taylor a surly hockey star who’d been suspended for a week because of bad behavior. He’d been sent to ‘cool down’ on a private island. I really enjoyed writing his grumping, cursing, beer-swilling ways because I knew beneath it all he was a great guy, and, guess what, it didn’t take beautiful Brooke long to notice that either! The story is hot and sexy, there’s lots of time on the island for them to get up to all sorts though they do get interrupted by one of his teammates, Brick. Brick is important because he’s the star of book #2 Cross-Checked. He wasn’t going to be originally, but as soon as I decided to write another Viper story he was an obvious choice. Trouble was he actually hadn’t been very gentlemanly in Hired and Phoenix had to whoop his ass when he got over friendly with Brooke.

So writing Cross-Checked was a bit of a challenge but luckily Brick – real name Ben – comes good in the end. In fact it’s the lady who catches his eye, the heroine, who is a bit of a wild card in this novel! I liked her focused game-plan, her slightly stalkerish ways, it reminded me of several women in real life I’ve known over the years.


Book #3 features the captain of the team Rick ‘Ramrod’ Lewis, and I have to say I have a real soft spot for Rick. He’s had a crap time over the years despite his  present success. The guy can cook, is a deft negotiator and boy, does he have a naughty kinky side, let’s just say Dana has to hang on for the ride with him.

One thing I do like to write is ménage a trois. My first ever novel published was Shared, which as the title suggests is a ménage story. So I decided to go back to ménage scenes for book #4 Teamwork. After all what can be hotter than getting naked and sweaty with a hockey player? Two hockey players of course! Raven Starr and Todd ‘Pretty’ Carty are as good a team off the ice as on it and lucky Fiona gets to sample them in action together. But this isn’t a true ménage novel, things get complicated, sharing isn’t always easy after all!

Todd ‘Pretty’ Carty. Mmm, now he’s a character if ever I created one. He is beautiful and charming and also one heck of a player. But his looks aren’t an advantage to him in his male dominated world, despite an Armani contract adding millions to his bank account. He gets ribbed for being pretty by teammates and opposition alike. He’s chased by the press and an endless string of women want to be on his arm. So when he falls for photographer Matthew Foster, lets just say things escalate to such a scale that he finds the nations media hot on his tail.


Writing a gay hockey novel came with challenges. I wanted to be sensitive to the fact that there are very few ‘out’ athletes currently playing in any of the major sports in the US. But also I wanted to portray what it might actually be like for a top player to suddenly turn up at the team’s bar/lounge with a guy, or walk into a restaurant with a man as his date and not as a pulling partner. I worked hard to get the balance between reality and fantasy in High-Sticked and I hope I got it right.

They just keep calling to me these boys, and soon Misconduct will be hitting the shelves, that’ll be Dustin ‘Speed’ Reed, the goaltender, and then Russian Heat. As long as people keep reading and enjoying my Hot Ice series then I’ll keep on writing these novels because there’s nothing more fun than hanging out with rough, tough, sexy players who all have a sprinkle of kink and a good dose of lust just waiting to pour onto the page.

So pour yourself a drink, grab a mince pie and check out some first chapters, see which Hot Ice book takes your fancy. They don’t have to be read in order, they’re all fine as standalone reads, but if you do read them as I wrote them you’ll meet the hero of the next book as you go along.

hot ice

First Chapters

Hired #1

Cross-Checked #2

Slap Shot #3

Teamwork #4

High-Sticked #5

Misconduct #6 – coming soon

Russian Heat #7 – coming soon

And if you’d like to leave your email address in the comment box below I’ll give away three copies of Hired, the first book in the Hot Ice series, to winners picked at random on New Years Day!

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3 thoughts on “Lily Harlem and her boys from Hot Ice Visit – Where’s that Mistletoe When You Need It?

  1. Absolutely love the Viper men one is sexier then the next keep writing Lily can never get enough a hockey team has plenty of men lol

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