Another 5 Cup review from Coffee Time Romance + Ebook Giveaway!

Today I received an email from Coffee Time Romance informing me Emily’s Cowboy, book 5 in my League of Love series, had been reviewed. I am very pleased to announce that I have another 5 Cup review 🙂 To celebrate I’m giving away a copy of Emily’s Cowboy (Amazon or ARe) just leave a comment for a chance to win.

Coffee Time Romance have given the three books in my series that they’ve reviewed  5 Cup ratings. That alone is absolutely wonderful news, but it’s the reviews themselves that have had me doing my own awkward version of a happy dance. When words like “wizard with love” or “no romantic at heart should miss” are used to describe your writing how can you not get excited? You put so much love into each of your characters it’s such a thrill when you find a reader who loves them just as much as you do.

I particularly love this bit – And yes, I think I can recite it word for word 😉

“The League of Love is a superb series by the very talented Ms. Gallagher. I absolutely love these characters and the men who are all hunky heroes. I believe Gareth and Emily’s story is so special, and one no romantic at heart should miss. The love shines from the very first page and despite the ups and downs in the relationship, the reader never doubts the love because is almost a living character itself. Ms. Gallagher is a wizard with love and builds The League of Love around it.” Delane – Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More.

So CTR reviews, thank you so much for making me feel like a real author and encouraging me to keep writing down what those voices tell me to 🙂

Here’s the link in case you feel tempted to read the whole review 😉


It’s such a cliché — country boy moves to the big city to follow his dreams, leaving his girl and everything he loves behind – but that’s exactly what Gareth Andrews has done. Playing rugby league is Gareth’s dream and he’s signed with one of the best teams in the competition – The Sydney Jets. Of course that has meant a move to the big city and leaving Emily Mackenzie and everything he loves behind. Not that Gareth hasn’t begged her to join him in the city he has, on bended knee — but Emily needs to stay in Gunnedah and help her father on the family farm until her brother’s stint in the armed forces is over. But Gareth knows it’s more than that. Emily is hiding away, embarrassed by the scars that mar her body in a constant reminder of the bushfire that nearly took her life.

Can love give Emily the courage to face strangers again when her father is badly injured and Gareth shows up at the hospital to support her? Or will she let her fear and shame get the better of her and break her one true love’s heart for a second time?

Totally Bound  Amazon  All Romance


He needed space, needed to get away from her before it was too late, if that moment had not already sailed past. He pushed her away with hands that had been roughly gripping her, shaking her as his fury built and his words flew at her like barbs. He couldn’t stand the pain of it anymore. The futility of loving her. It wasn’t enough…she would never let it be enough.

Gareth grabbed the first clothing he saw—tracksuit pants, runners and a shirt—and dressed on the run as he fled his room, with just enough presence of mind to pick up his keys as he raced out of the door. Down the stairs he ran until he was in his car, heading he didn’t know where, just away. He had just destroyed his life. He cried no tears. He felt nothing. Hollow, empty. Directionless.

Then the pain hit, sledgehammer-hard, right in the guts, followed by soul-wrenching sorrow and frustration, anger and finally regret. The full gamut of emotions bombarded him as he struggled to survive the onslaught. He’d known it was coming, had had to be away from Emily before it hit, thus his speedy escape. He did not want her to share this with him. If she could push him away, he could do it to her in return.

“What the fuck have you done?” he screamed, banging his fists on the steering wheel. “What the fuck have you done?”

It took a few minutes, parked safely beside the road, for Gareth to calm down enough to continue driving, and he headed for the only place he had left. He headed to the Jets’ training ground, to the gym, hoping that maybe if he worked out until his body was in physical pain, it would outweigh the emotional agony ripping him apart.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Emily’s Cowboy from Amazon or Are.

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