Home Sweet Home with the help of 5 Cup reviews.

I’m Back! I’ve been home for a week but have been suffering from holiday hangover. I just couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything long enough to be productive. It was a wonderful holiday, so many highlights and of course photos but I won’t bore you with them all. Here are some of my highlights.

Firstly, I have to say that travelling business class is quite an experience, one I am truly grateful I was able to endure. Lol! Nothing quite like having your own little pod to inhabit, being able to sleep in a horizontal position is wonderful and the silver service meals are really over the top. Hubby and I met at the bar, yes on the plane, for cocktails and nibbles…that would be food not each other, while teenager watched movies and slept. The fact the kid could sleep was a bonus – nothing like a grumpy teenager to spoil a holiday.


Paris was okay, I loved Rome and Florence but my heart will always be in the UK. England and Scotland are still my favourite holiday destinations. Well that is if I forget about the congestion tax fine we received. I still think the car rental place should have mentioned something about this tax when we picked up exorbitantly priced car at their office in Buckingham Palace Road!

Stopping in to visit the staff at Total-E-Bound was fun and thank you to Claire for taking me out to dinner and the cocktails. Lincoln was a great discovery, such an historic place and we loved visiting the Cathedral and strolling around the town. Big thanks also to my new editor Sarah, who arrived early the next day for a visit before she headed off to do jury duty.IMG_3846

I visited with a few more authors on my way up to Scotland Amy Valenti and Clair de Lune. Hubby and son managed to endure the visits without too much embarrassment. You can just imagine the topics of conversation when you get authors of erotic romance together!
The castle wedding was beautiful –all those men in kilts certainly didn’t hurt 😉
Yes, there were bagpipes played and haggis was eaten…but not by me!


IMG_3954I read a coIMG_3950uple of great books by author HK Carlton in preparation for my trip to Scotland and it made exploring the castles and learning the history even more compelling. I didn’t find Gard though, HK.

Usually I get a teary when a holiday is ending but thanks to the email I received from Coffee Times Romance, the day before we were scheduled to fly home, informing me that two of my League of Love books had been reviewed and received 5 Cups ratings, the tears never came. Instead I floated around in a happy author bubble all the way home.
Here are the links to the reviews if anyone is interested. I’m still pinching myself.

ctr5cups http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/lauraslightbook3bydonnagallagher.html#.Ue-j8m30KNI

Now it’s time to get back to work and finish poor Riley’s story (dare I say book 7 in my League of Love series.) He has been waiting a long time for his HEA.

Next week my On the Bench interviews resume so I hope you stop by and visit the authors that take a trip ‘downunder’.


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