Yippee! Europe Here We Come…

donnagallagher_facebook_cover_6_booksOnly a few more sleeps and I’m off on my holiday to Europe. Yippee!


I’ve packed the Tim Tams to share with the office staff at Total-E-Bound. Becoming an author with Total-E-Bound is like joining one big happy family and I’m so looking forward to meeting up with the wonderful crew that helped me put my books out into the big wide world. We’ve shared so many emails back and forth it will be nice to put some faces to the names.

The reason, or should I say excuse, for the trip is to attend a wedding in Scotland. A young couple I met through my husband’s work have become adopted members of my family. Being invited to share this special moment with them and in a castle no less was one I could not pass up. I did take up the vegetarian option for the wedding fare I must confess – didn’t think I could do the haggis entrée!


So accompanied by hubby and my youngest son we embark on the very long flight this weekend. Of course you can’t go that far and not fit in some sightseeing. So we are stopping by Paris, Rome, Florence and Venice before making our way to London and then Edinburgh. We finish our trip with a few days in Ireland before some dedicated shopping days back in London.

I’m hoping that I will be inspired for a few new books in my travels. Surely a Gondola ride around Venice should give me some ideas and a castle wedding – if that doesn’t get my imagination flowing…

It’s been such a busy time for me over the last seven months. As well as the usual day to day life I’ve started this blog, a Facebook Author page, joined Goodreads had six e-books, one novella and two print books released. Wow! I still pinch myself to think about how lucky I am to have found such a supportive publishing house but I must admit I am a little tired, so this holiday is well timed.

I just wanted to post this blog to explain why I will be missing for a short time. I will be back and blogging again in August. I have some new authors lined up ready to be put On the Bench. Thank you to all that have followed and commented on my blog and author page, purchased my League of Love series and an extra big hug to those that have left reviews. It was quite an unexpected surprise to see Caitlin’s Hero back in the best selling ranks at Total-E-Bound this week. Brodie was very pleased with himself but JT and the others did sulk a bit – jealous muses!

I wish I could buy each and every one of you a souvenir but you know what luggage restrictions are like. So I will just have to make do with leaving you some yummy pics.



Stay safe everyone,


Donna 🙂

7 thoughts on “Yippee! Europe Here We Come…

  1. I’m sooooo jealous!
    Luggage restrictions, eh? I don’t weigh that much, I’m sure I could fit in your suitcase just fine…oh! Bring BACK souvenirs? I thought it said ‘I wish I could take you along, Jen’

  2. Long trip for you and yours! Pity your side-trip to Ireland won’t be in the last few days of July. I’m going to be signing copied of my debut novel at the Boyle Arts Festival – the book is set in that part of Ireland!
    I got round the luggage restrictions by travelling there and back by COACH from Liverpool but hopefully I’ll have considerably LESS ‘luggage’ to bring home with me … lol
    Enjoy your trip!

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