Sarah’s Soldier by Donna Gallagher Releasing Soon!


Excerpt from Sarah’s Soldier

She was drunk, but having a blast. A night at Jetstream had never been so much fun. Being with Dylan up close and personal was making Sarah extremely happy—and horny. Dancing with him had been exquisite torture, with their bodies melded together, her breasts pressed into his chest and his warm breath whispering against her neck. She usually never danced—it wasn’t really Sarah’s thing—but with Dylan holding her in his arms it had been so effortless. Well, apart from trying to rein in her lust-fuelled thoughts.

He was just so attentive and goddamn attractive. Sarah couldn’t believe that Dylan had spent the entire night with her—buying her drinks, dancing, chatting and just sitting next to her. The signals he was sending left no doubt in Sarah’s mind that Dylan was definitely interested in taking this night further, but she had consumed way too much bubbly. It wasn’t at all her style to let her hair down in front of her co-workers. Until now, she had always kept a clear head so she could remain professional. It was never a good idea to mix business with pleasure, especially as a woman in a male-dominated environment like footy.

Dylan had gone to her head. Joining in on the conversation with him, his sister and brother-in-law, listening to them talk about childhood adventures and growing up together had made her feel a part of something. Not that she had been involved in any of the Mackenzie-Andrews adventures, but from listening to them she could almost imagine she had. She wished she’d had a childhood like theirs.

Being around Dylan was as easy as breathing. It was hard to reconcile that they had only met a few hours ago. Sarah felt like she’d known him forever. Maybe in a past life—if she’d actually believed in that sort of thing. Her body seemed to know his, moved towards him so naturally and subconsciously that half the time Sarah hardly realised how much physical contact they’d shared. Arm against arm, leg against leg. The way Dylan played with her hair, twisting it in his fingers… It all just felt so comfortable, so normal.

But the night was drawing to an end, the nightclub closing. Sarah sat with Dylan’s arm draped casually around her shoulders, as if it was meant to be there. But she wanted more. She wanted to take him back to her place, strip him naked and fuck him. Wanted to crawl all over his skin, kiss and taste every inch of him, feel him thrust into her as she clung to his sweat-slicked back. Problem was, she wasn’t sure how much of her newfound mental bravado was in direct correlation to her alcohol intake.

It’s now or never, though, she thought, summoning up the courage to bring her wants and needs to fruition and invite Dylan home with her.

“Dylan,” she whispered in his ear, “Do you want to get out of here? I do, but I’ve had too much to drink to try and drive. Seeing as how you still have my car keys, it looks like you have to take me home to bed.”

Sarah tried for a seductive smile, a sexy purr to her voice, but wasn’t sure if she’d managed to pull it off. What she was sure about was that Dylan was very keen on her idea. He immediately stood, grabbed her by the hand and half dragged her out of the club, shouting goodbyes over his shoulder.

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