What a Weekend – My Radio Debut and a New Release.

emilyscowboy_800I started my weekend with the exciting news that the latest in my league of Love series, Emily’s Cowboy, was now available. Total E bound have recently changed the day for all weekly releases to Friday. Of course as luck would have it I was on hockey mum duty Friday night, stuck in the middle of nowhere, watching the youngest son play. Luckily I have great friends that took it upon themselves to share my book links far and wide. Well as far and wide as Facebook and Twitter allows.

I had planned to devote some time on Saturday for promoting my new book. Well think again Donna. As I was getting ready for the day my sister called. Now you might remember a few blogs back I showcased Debbie. My sister is a sports journalist and hosts a weekend radio program in Australia. I think my sister is awesome she knows so much about sport it makes my head spin. Deb was also one of the first women in Australia to cover male dominated sports. What a role model for other women. To be honest I’ve always been a bit jealous, the idea of making your living watching sport and reporting on it sounds like a dream job – Which is easy to say when it’s not you doing it!

Well I had my chance to be a ‘sports journo’ for an hour on Saturday. Debbie invited me to be a guest on her all female radio segment Hens FC. Usually the women taking part in this weekly program are established female journalists or sportswomen but on Saturday the show included a romance author. Me!

I was terrified. It was my radio debut and the topics for the program ranged from drugs in sport to the story about the American basketball player that announced to the world he was gay – so huge was this story in the US that Barrack Obama commented on it.imagesCAZWXZMW

I did some research and headed into the radio studio. I was so nervous I felt sick. What was I doing? What could I contribute to the program when the other guests were experienced journalists? What would I say?

I think I did okay. I did speak, made a few comments, mentioned the word “root” on Aussie airwaves – This word has a whole different meaning over here by the way 😉 The general consensus was that even though I looked terrified it didn’t come across in my voice – well that’s what Deb said, but she’s my sister!

Who would have thought that at forty-nine years of age I could achieve two of my dreams? Become a published author and try out my hand as a sports journalist – even if the latter was only for an hour. As for any future dreams of journalism, I think I’ll leave that to Debbie because in reality it’s a tough job.

Here’s an excerpt for Emily’s Cowboy because I really do need to promote my sexy Cowboy turned sportsman Gareth, and his childhood sweetheart Emily.

They were going to kill him. The collective look in the men’s eyes was one of pure animosity. Emily could see it clearly defined in their faces, could see the intent as they charged towards the man she loved—three huge men, covered in mud and perhaps even blood, judging by the russet-coloured liquid leaking from one of the men’s bandaged head—and there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t look away and sat frozen in the moment as she watched the horror unfold before her, silently praying that Gareth would survive the next few brutal seconds.

Then they were on him, two around his upper body, one knocking his legs out from beneath him as they picked him up and slammed him, back first, onto the hard ground. The four men wrestled together. He was caught beneath the onslaught from the three above him—she could see him struggling to get to his feet. It really only took a matter of seconds, but for Emily it was a lifetime. Her heart raced, her palms moistened and she could not get the air into her lungs to take her next breath, the fear he would be hurt was so overwhelming.

Just when Emily thought she could bear it no longer, the men stopped struggling. They broke away, stood and faced each other. Gareth reached down, put the ball under his foot and rolled it behind him. Emily drew a breath down deep into her oxygen-deprived lungs… The tackle was over.

Every game was the same for Emily. It didn’t matter that for all intents and purposes Gareth was no longer hers, by her own choice. It would always be like that for her—the same fear, the same panic that overwhelmed her as she watched him play his beloved rugby league. It had started way back in the days of their childhood when she and Gareth had been joined at the hip, back when she would accompany his family to those junior rugby league matches. Emily always had the same reaction—horror and fear as she watched every tackle in a hypnotic trance, a panicked state, her breath trapped in her lungs until the moment she saw him back on his feet, healthy and unharmed despite the brutality of the sport he loved. She had never loved the game the way he did. Her only reason for watching was for reassurance that he remained uninjured, and had survived his time on the field without harm. She didn’t care if the team won or lost. For Emily, it was just about Gareth.

Emily’s Cowboy Total-E-Bound: Amazon: ARe:

Just a reminder Caitlin’s Hero, the first book in my League of Love series, has been discounted to 99c at all the usual outlets 🙂

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