Laura’s Light Release – Why I can say it’s my favourite book.

lauraslight_thumbnailI was both thrilled and excited by the release of the first two books in my League of Love series. Talk about a boost to the self-esteem, after spending so many years being a mother and wife finding I could write a story that a publisher would find worthy to contract, was truly a glorious moment. I was forty-eight and finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up.

But the release of Laura’s Light holds a special place in my heart because with this book I get the chance to step up onto my soap box. We all love a flawed hero, so when my muse began his story I did not hesitate to tell it.

While Trevor may not be real, mental illness is. I don’t presume to be an authority on mental health issues but I do know what it is like when a family is touched by this misunderstood and at times ignored disease. Many don’t like to talk about it or feel uncomfortable when confronted by those who are trying to manage their illness – but it is prevalent in our society.

A 2007 Mental Health Council of Australia survey* recorded that 1 in 5 people between the ages of 18 and 65 suffered some sort of mental illness. An American study by the National Institute of Mental Health recorded similar figures. So why then is there such a stigma surrounding those suffering.

I believe the more we speak openly about this health problem the easier it will be for those that are struggling to come forward and ask for help.

So Laura’s Light is my indulgence, my way of acknowledging that mental illness is just that, an illness like many others, one that often needs medical intervention  and while my book may not sell many copies or reach great heights on the various sales ranks for me it will always be special.



2 thoughts on “Laura’s Light Release – Why I can say it’s my favourite book.

  1. You’ve got me hooked, Donna. Who says romance always has to be sweet and simple? I totally agree, people who suffer from mental illnesses are often stigmatised and talking about it raises awareness – great job!

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