On The Bench with Clair de Lune

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVisiting, from the usually cold and frosty Dumfries and Galloway, is Clair de Lune. Clair and I meet through Facebook. Each morning and night she sends a greeting – I now look forward to them. Clair also has a tendency to post delicious gifts to my FB page – which might one day get me in trouble with the hubby 😉

So Clair, tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in South Yorkshire in England and moved to south west Scotland more than twenty years ago. I retired from teaching a few years ago and spent my time reading, sewing, cooking and gardening.  I decided that there ought to be more to retirement than that.

Reading has always played a large part in my life and the house is full of books. Since my youngest son challenged me to write a novel of my own and I wrote “Initiation” book one in the “Prometheus in Chains,” writing has taken over my life. It has been like a roller-coaster ride and mostly a very pleasurable one at that. When I sent off my first book to Siren I had no idea what I was setting in motion. I have made many good friends, some readers and some fellow authors. Writing has certainly changed my life.

I believe the world has enough sadness in it and my characters will always get their HEA even if the road is rocky.


Prometheus loves Jenny Oliver, and she him, but the course of true love doesn’t run smoothly. She has a dark secret, which she believes will split them up, and she won’t be alone with him. Fate takes a hand in the shape of Alfred, a man from Jenny’s past who follows her to the club and confronts her, forcing her to reveal the truth. Will Prometheus want her now?

Jenny must confront her abusers in court if she is to have a future with Prometheus, but then she is kidnapped before she even has the chance. Can Prometheus and the police manage to get to her before her kidnapper does her any harm? Will the jury believe her story? Will Jenny and Prometheus get their happily ever after?

A couple of days later his old friend, Jack Robinson, came to the flat to see them.

“Hello, Jack, can I take it you have some news?”

“Yes, the Metropolitan police are very interested in Jenny’s information. The Fraud Squad is investigating Jim Laurents for money laundering. This charge will allow them to arrest him and search his house.”

“I shall have to go to London then?” Jenny’s voice shook as she asked the question.

Prometheus gathered her close to him. She was shivering, and he wondered if she’d be able to go through with it. The memories had haunted her and followed her for the past seven years. It wouldn’t be easy to conquer the very natural fear she felt, reinforced by so many years of looking over her shoulder.

“Yes, there will be a trial, and you’ll have to appear in court if you want him charged.”

Prometheus looked at her. She was pale, but she wasn’t crying and hadn’t broken down. He knew how much he wanted her. His need to protect her warred with the need to get her to face what had happened and put it behind her. She’d lived with it for seven years, and its effects had kept them apart for a long time. It was time to face it, to face Jim and get it cleared up. She couldn’t live with this hanging over her forever. It would ruin any chance of happiness she had, they had.

“I think you have to go, Jenny. You have to face him in court and conquer the fear of him. He’s only a man and so he can be beaten. You can’t allow him to make you afraid for the rest of your life.”

“I know, Master Prometheus, but it’s not easy. I’ve been running for seven years, and I know he’ll ruin me if he can. I’m tired of running, but I don’t want to lose all I have here.”

“You won’t, Jenny. You won’t lose me or the club or any of your friends here. They aren’t fair-weather friends. They’ll all stand by you whatever the outcome. I’ll go to London with you. My lawyer will represent you. You aren’t alone now. You have friends, and Jim will find out that you aren’t to be intimidated anymore. Alfred will repeat his statement to the police. We’ll make sure he does that before Jim gets to him. If you want we can ask Gloria and Master Llewellyn to go with us. Then you will have some female company. Gloria is pregnant but only four months gone. Maybe she’d like a change of scene and to do some shopping.” He thought that the female company would distract Jenny and her concern for a pregnant Gloria would get her mind off her own troubles. He knew that Llewellyn had had some problems with Gloria’s being out of sorts, and a trip would take her mind off her woes. The women could do some baby-oriented shopping, and their men would indulge them.

“Yes, I’d like that, Master Prometheus.”

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Interview Time – Getting to know a little more about Clair.

What was the first book you had published?

Initiation” the first in the “Prometheus in Chains” series.

What was your initial reaction when offered that first contract?

Shock. I expected them to say ‘no thank you’ but they accepted and I just sat and stared at the email in disbelief.

Of the books you have written is there one that hold a special place in your heart and why?  

It has to be “Initiation.” I wrote it from the heart and it has set me off on the wild ride I’m on now.   *D – That was the first Clair de Lune book I read 🙂

Are you a disciplined writer or do you have to wait for the muse to arrive? Do you have a ritual that gets you in the mood?

No I’m not disciplined. I find I do a lot of thinking and all of a sudden need to write it down. Then I sit and write wherever I am. The strangest place was after my shower in the pool. I had this idea and sat in the cubicle wrapped in a towel until I’d written the scene.

What was the last book you read?

I have little time to read now unfortunately.
Real life and my writing take up most of my time. I am developing a new BSDM series called the Blood Red Rose.


What are you working on now?

I have just finished another “Prometheus in Chains” story. Jack Robinson is the ex-flat-mate of Eric and has just retired from Special Branch. He is led a merry dance by his sub, Rosemary. I have the plot for the Third dragon book and by the time you publish this it will be well on the way to being written.


What genre would you like to try and write that is different from your own?

I have already tried my hand at a Regency mystery and  Dragon Shape-shifters. I think that’s enough variety for the moment. I have plans for two more Regency mysteries. I just need the time to write them.

When you receive edits are you Teary and Disillusioned or Feisty and Focussed?

A bit of both really. It depends on the editor and how they phrase what they have to say. I usually get down to the edits straight away. Teary was when I did a whole edit and Word refused to find the saved document. I had no back up and was furious with myself especially as I’d added a few scenes and was pleased with what I’d done. It was hard to remember exactly what I’d written and I swore it would never happen to me again. Now I have not one but two memory sticks as back-up.

What is the one thing in your books you’d like to try?

Kinbaku. I am not saying any more about that though. I leave it to your imagination as to the who and where.  *D – 😉

aussie lifeguards


Now for some hard hitters with an Aussie flavour!

A sport /sportsperson that you watch? (C’mon there must be one) OR An embarrassing sporting memory.

I used to watch JJ in the Scotland Rugby team. We went to Murrayfield and stood in the stands to cheer them on. I lost the toss when we only got one ticket to see the final in the Grand Slam when Scotland won it.

Favourite Aussie Author/Actor /Musician?

Author has to be you Donna. Actor is difficult I admire Russell Crowe’s work but not his ego. Musician and artist is Rolf Harris. I have been watching his shows for more years than I care to remember.  *D – so sweet Clair, thank you 🙂

Your view on Vegemite?

Little green face. Same for Marmite.   *D – due to your previous answer I will let that comment slide 😉

Formal dinner party or backyard barbeque?

In our climate a barbecue is not advisable. I don’t like formal but I do like a dinner party with a few friends. I prefer small groups to big ones.

Adventure holiday or relaxing by the pool?

Relaxing by the pool for a while but I’d soon get bored so there have to be places of interest for me to go and see.

Favourite Aussie holiday place or one you’ve always wanted to visit?

Sydney. I love the look of the harbour. I have a close friend who lives near there and would love to visit her. We’ve never met but we email often.

Thank you for having me on your blog Donna and I’m really looking forward to July and meeting you in person. *D – Yes, chill the bubbly Clair 😉

You can find out more about Clair’s books at  FacebookFacebook Author Page, Twitter, Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK.

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