On the Bench with Imogene Nix

photoThis week’s team sheet for On the Bench is fellow Aussie Author Imogene Nix.

A mother of two, compulsive reader and bookstore owner pretty much sums up Imogene. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, 2 daughters, dog, cats, guinea pigs and chooks (including the odd pet rooster).

She has a particular fondness for Vampires, Star Ship Captains and things that go bump in the night.  The bumpier the better according to her, though.

You can catch Imogene in lots of places including:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ImogeneNix or www.facebook.com/HotterThanHades

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ImogeneNix

Website: http://www.imogenenix.com

Blogs: www.imogenenix.blogspot.com or www.hotauthors.blogspot.com

Starburst_MED 1

Imogene’s next release is Starburst – the final book of the Warriors of the Elector universe.

Meredith Gentry is a woman with a mission.  To decode everything found on the Alpha Star Colony.  Maybe, if she’s lucky, she might finally get closer to the one man who makes her burn.

Chowd Sturat Sur Banden is different.   He’s always known that and that the differences have kept him apart from everyone else.  Until now.

At the end game, will these differences keep Meredith and Chowd apart for good?  Will his own unwanted heritage tear them asunder forever?  And will the crew of the Elector finally prevail over Crick Sur Banden?

The Warriors of the Elector’s cataclysmic conclusion has arrived.

It is due for release with Secret Cravings Publishing on 6 Feb 2013 



 What was the first book you had published? – My first book was Thargomindah:  The Town By the Bulloo (under my real name) – a local history.  It was released over ten years ago.  My first romance, though, was Starline and the first of the Warriors of the Elector series.

 What was your initial reaction when offered that first contract? – I think I yelled at the computer and then tried ringing my husband to share the news.  I have a vague recollection of fist pumping and my heart thudding madly in my chest too.  🙂

 Of the books you have written is there one that hold a special place in your heart and why? – Probably Starfire, because my heroine is so totally broken and doesn’t even realise it herself.  It’s only when Raven sees it for what it is, that any form of healing can take place.  And their romance is not straight forward at all.

 Are you a disciplined writer or do you have to wait for the muse to arrive? Do you have a ritual that gets you in the mood? – Discipline is something I lack J  I let the muse arrive as and how it wants to.  Then I write madly, trying to get the story out of my head.  Lately, I feel like I’ve gone from one story to the next… without more than a day in between.
I’m actually now, looking forward to taking a break.

But while I don’t have a ritual, per se, I usually can tell from day to day if my head is ready for me to write.  I usually check emails and do work based things, drop the kids at school and make a coffee then settle into my office during the term.

If school is out, I’ll grab my laptop and retreat to the dining room. Then I just go for it and write until I’m done, someone demands lunch or something interrupts and then return to it afterwards.

 What was the last book you read? – New to me?  Hmm it would have to be Holiday Kisses – an Anthology by the Beachwalk Press Authors.  The last unpublished was Impossible Desires by Georgiana Louis.  Apart from that, I’m reading One Was A Soldier by Julia Spencer-Fleming.

 What are you working on now? – Loving Memories.  A Romantic Suspense featuring (once again) some very broken characters.

 What genre would you like to try and write that is different from your own? – Because I write a range of genres, including SciFi, Futuristic &Paranormal, I thought I was happy in my niche.  My current work is quite out there, even for me.  I’ve always wanted to try a Romantic Suspense but until a friend suggested answering a call out featuring curvy heroines, I hadn’t tried it.

So I guess, now I’m happy and will work on that before I consider anything new.


When you receive edits are you Teary and Disillusioned or Feisty and Focussed? – I would say I’m Feisty and Focussed.  I want to get them done and cleared away, because I usually have something new in mind.  And I usually want to get back to that.

 What is the one thing in your books you’d like to try? – Flying a spacecraft.  Yeah.  I could do that 🙂


Now for some hard hitters with an Aussie flavour!aussie lifeguards


A sport /sportsperson that you watch? (C’mon there must be one) OR An embarrassing sporting memory. – I don’t watch much sport.  I suppose I like the equestrian events… watching the horses and riders working together is a marvel.  I also really enjoy the ice skating, because they are usually so graceful.

Favourite Aussie Author/Actor /Musician? – Sigrid Thornton – I remember watching her in All The Rivers Run and The Man from Snowy River.

 Your view on Vegemite? – Yuck.  I can’t stand the stuff 🙂

Formal dinner party or backyard barbeque? – While I can do both… the barbeque can be fun… just give me a table to eat at 🙂

 Adventure holiday or relaxing by the pool? – Neither?  I’d rather find a quiet spot and curl up with a book.  Preferably 5 stars and air-conditioned, thanks 🙂

 Favourite Aussie holiday place or one you’ve always wanted to visit? – Canberra… for a holiday.  Loved it.  The cherry blossoms in bloom.  The cool air.  Lake Burley Griffin.  Couldn’t live there though.  There’s far too many politicians. 🙂

Thanks for playing Imogene.



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